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Licensing-Soft Encryption

Network Version: Failed to Get License from Server (On the Workstation) | Show Details...
Q: Why did the workstation fail to obtain a license from the server, even through the server was activated successfully?
A: The failure may be due to one of following reasons.
  1. The server was not configured to start.
  2. After activating the server successfully, you need to configure the Network Server to start distributing licenses to ZWCAD on workstations. When you have configured the server and started it successfully, you will receive following result by clicking the Perform Status Enquiry button on the Server Status tab.

    To configure the server, please follow the instructions in the Configure Authorized Server section of the Help documents.

  3. The workstation is not connected to the server.
  4. Solution: Try to connect to the server. You can check the connection between server and workstation by pinging it. (Click Start, choose Run, enter ping and the server’s IP address.)
  5. The version of ZWCAD installed on the workstation may be different from the one indicated by the server’s license code.For example, if you use a Professional license code to activate ZWCAD Network License Manager, but you installed ZWCAD Standard on the workstation, then ZWCAD Standard will not be able to obtain a license from the server. Solution: On the workstation, uninstall ZWCAD Standard, and then install ZWCAD Professional.
  6. li>The hardware encryption option may be been turned on, as illustrated by the figure below. ZWCAD checks if Hardware Encryption is turned on (checkmark shows). If so, then ZWCAD will not check for soft encryption, even when the dongle is not attached to the computer. Solution: From the Help menu, choose License, and then Hardware Encryption. Ensure the option is turned off, and then click OK.

  7. The number of licensed running on workstations equals the maximum number of available licenses. For example, if you purchased five copies with your network license code and five workstations are already running ZWCAD, then no more licenses are available. The sixth workstation will not be able to run ZWCAD.
    Solution: Free up licenses by one of the following methods:
    • Let one workstation quit ZWCAD to free up its license.
    • Contact ZWSOFT to purchase more licenses for your activation ID. We can increase the licenses included with your network license code, or provide you with a new code that includes more licenses. But you must RETURN the license code to us before we can change it.
  8. The operating system’s firewall may be blocking licensing on the server or workstation.
  9. Solution: On the workstation, add ZWCAD and its port number (27000, by default) to the firewall’s exception list. On the server, add ZWCAD Network License Manager and its port (27000, by default) to the firewall’s exception list. On the Windows taskbar, click the Start button. Choose Control Panel, and then choose Windows Firewall.

    On the server:

    On the workstation:

    Both on the server and the workstation:

  10. Anti-virus software may be blocking the program from running.
  11. Solution: Add ZWCAD to the exception list, or remove ZWCAD from the isolation list. In some rare cases, it may be necessary to turn off the anti-virus software completely.
  12. The Options file may be restricting the workstation from obtaining a license from the ZWCAD Network License Manager. The Options file manages licenses over the network. The workstation cannot get a license if the Options file blocks it.

  13. You can open the file in Notepad. (The file is located on the installation path of the ZWCAD Network License Manager, such as C:\Program files\ZWLMS.) The workstation cannot get a license when it blocked by the contents of this file, as shown by the following entry in the file: Exclude ZWCAD internet

    This means that a workstation whose IP (Internet protocol) address is is prevented from obtaining a license from the server. If you have never modified the Options file, then it will contain no restrictions. If you are unsure about the settings in the Options file, please refer to the Help documents: Help >>Installation and Registration >>Network Licensing Guide >>License Code >>Configure Authorized Server, or email a copy of the Options file to us at
  14. There may be a difference in system time of more than 24 hours between the workstation and the client. Please correct the time on workstation and the client, and keep them synchronous. At the very least, ensure the time difference is no more than 24 hours.
Network Version: Incorrect Quantity of Licenses (On the Server) | Show Details...
Q: The ZWCAD License Manager failed to activate, and I received this message: “Quantity of licenses is incorrect, please check."
A: The quantity you input should not be greater than the quantity of licenses you purchased, or the available copies remaining. You can check the number of licenses remaining for your network activation ID by logging in to the ZWCAD Activation Self Service Center. For instance, the figure below shows that the activation ID is licensed for five copies and that two of them have been activated. Solution: Input the correct quantity (or the correct number remaining).

Stand-alone Version: Activate Successfully But Bun as Trial Version | Show Details...
Q: I received a message that activation was successful. But when I launched ZWCAD, it continues to run as the trial version.
A: The failure to converts from the trial version may be due to one of the following reasons:
  1. The version number of the activation ID doesn’t match that of ZWCAD. For example the professional activation ID must be used to activate ZWCAD Professional, and the standard activation ID for ZWCAD Standard. Solution: Uninstall the current ZWCAD program, and then install the correct version.
  2. The Hardware Encryption and Enable Network Floating License options may be turned on. These two options must be turned off for stand-alone SoftKey licenses.

  3. The firewall may have blocked ZWCAD’s part. The default port for ZWCAD’s software encryption routine is 27000. Please add port 27000 to your computer’s firewall exception list:

How to Distinguish Between Versions of Activation IDs | Show Details...
Log on to the ZWCAD activation self service center ( using your assigned activation ID. The ZWCAD activation self service center records information pertaining to your activation ID. The first three digits of the activation ID indicate its version.

021 Stand-alone - Standard

022 Stand-alone - Professional

023 Stand-alone - Academic

030 Network - Standard

031 Network - Professional

032 Network - Academic

Stand-Alone version:Activation ID Does Not Exist | Show Details...
Q: ZWCAD failed to activate. I received the message, “Activation ID does not exist! Please check.”
A: This message may occur due to one of the following reasons:
  1. Please ensure that you entered the activation ID correctly. Pay special attention to 0 (zero), O, 2, and Z. (As you know, 0 looks similar to O, and 2 looks similar to Z.) We suggest that you input the activation ID by copying and pasting it, if possible.
  2. Your activation ID may be for the network version ZWCAD, rather than for a stand-alone version. Please refer to How to distinguish between versions of activation IDs.
  3. The license code may be out of date. Generally all activation IDs we provide are permanent, so this problem occurs rarely. But we also provide some activation ID for testing purposes, which are valid for a specific period of time, such as one or two months. You can check the validity of your ID by logging on to the ZWCAD activation self service center

Stand-Alone version:ZWCAD Failed to Activate | Show Details...
Q: ZWCAD failed to activate. I received the message, “Activation failed, please check!”
A: When activating online, the computer needs to connect to the ZWCAD License Center. This message indicates that either the computer is not connected to the Internet, or that it was unable to connect to the ZWCAD License Center through the Internet. Solution: Try to activate the software manually in the same manner as if the computer is not connected to the Internet. (An Internet connection is required only when clicking the Activate button for online activation. The computer does not need to be online when running ZWCAD at any other time.)